Fire Alarms


One of the many methods that have been used is to package fire alarm equipment for installing electrical contractors. These packages usually provide equipment, and designed shop drawings that show how the control equipment is assembled. Also provided are engineered shop drawings that show how the conduit and wiring are to be installed. Those packages normal include the services of the field technical employees for termination of wiring with the control equipment, and assistance with the testing of all field equipment connected to the fire alarm system. Once this pre-test is performed, Redwood City Alarms normally comes back to assist with the final acceptance testing of the system with the AHJ, construction engineer, architect and owner.


Redwood City Alarms’ provides 24-hour monitoring with our locally based, TMA Five Diamond Certified, central monitoring station. It is inspected and listed by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual, and provides the highest level of trained staff that are capable of detecting any problems with the fire alarm system and notifying you as soon as it is detected.


Our technicians will come to your site and inspect the fire alarm system to make sure it is up to all fire alarm codes and will be able to walk with you and answer any questions you may have regarding your fire alarm system.

We provide service contracts for inspection and/or maintenance of almost any brand or age of fire alarm equipment meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 standards, or to any other degree including testing monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.