Locking your doors

This is so, so simple but many people fail to lock their doors. Lock up every time you go out, obviously, but also keep the doors locked when you’re home – and especially at night. If you like to leave screened doors and windows open on a nice day, no problem; there are good locks for sturdy screens, too. And speaking of locks, all doors should have deadbolts and patio/sliding doors need special anti-entry devices to prevent removal from their frames.

Getting motion activated lights

Illuminate shadowed part of your home and access points with motion-activated floodlights. That’s right, floodlights. If a light flips on, you want a wide viewing area.

Getting a home security consultation

Redwood City Alarms offers an underutilized but invaluable public service: home security checks. Contact us and schedule a free consultation. We’ll walk the inside and outside of your home, and suggest areas for improvement.

Installing a home security system

A home alarm system is one of the top ways to deter burglars from targeting your home. Several different systems and extras are available, from a basic alarm siren to a fortress. Take the maximum protection you can afford. Make sure your monitoring company has a fast response time, and consider whether you want the police automatically notified of an alarm event.

Installing security cameras

Secondary to an home security system is an camera system, recording a burglar’s every move. You’ll need outdoor security cameras with night vision and a decent hard drive or cloud based storage to record a few days worth of video. If you can’t afford the real thing, fake cameras can also work as a good deterrent; just make sure they’re quality fakes and not cheap plastic that thieves will easily identify as dummies.

Installing strong doors

Nearly 60% of burglars enter your home through a door. Install thick, solid wood doors that will be hard to kick in. If your doors have a window, install a secondary floor lock, so that after breaking the door window, a burglar cannot reach down to unlock your door and waltz into your home. Install hidden bracing in the door frame.

Keeping your valuables in a secure safe

In the event that a thief does breach your perimeter security, have your most precious valuables safely secured in a fireproof safe. Bolt the safe to the floor, otherwise, a burglar could cart it out.

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