Posting multiple alarm signs in site

Alarm companies place one yard sign in the front of a home, placing multiple signs is usually an indication that there is no alarm, just signs posted by the resident. Instead, just post one alarm or monitoring signs.

Hiding valuables in the bedroom closet

Professional thieves (and even experienced amateurs) know that most people store their valuables in the bedroom closet. Don’t be that person. Get creative with your hiding spots and distribute your valuables over several hide holes.

Leaving the lights on

Leaving the lights on constantly is like a beacon to burglars ……….we’re not home! Instead, install timers that will flip your lights on and off throughout the course of the day, as if you were really home.

Suspending mail delivery

Career burglars stake out your home to learn habits. If your habits suddenly change – for example, if the mail carrier or newspaper delivery kid start bypassing your home – it’s a clear sign that you’re out of town. You can have a neighbor or friend grab your mail 3-4 days a week.

Getting a big dog

Big dogs may look scary, but what you really want is a smaller dog that will bark uncontrollably and be difficult to calm, the second someone is at the door (or window).

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